PROJECT SIGN-UP (released Jan 30, 2020)

After listening to the descriptions of the projects during class, please rank your preferences in this spreadsheet. If you there are other students in the class you'd like to work with, please brainstorm together.

NOTE: If there are any students in the class you would feel uncomfortable working with, please email me privately.

REFLECTION #1 (released Feb 6, 2020)

As this course provides opportunities to exercise and showcase your culminated technical and communicative skills, it is important to self-reflect on your strengths and areas where you'd like to refine before entering the next chapter of your professional career. Please take the time to think about the following questions, and your earnest answers will help me guide you to accomplish your learning objectives. 

10 WAYS YOUR PROJECT CAN FAIL (presented Feb 13, 2020)

Guest lecturer Isaac Slavitt presented great wisdom from his rich experience with Data Science projects. Slides are available here.

SELF- and PEER- evaluation form (due March 5, 2020)

Please evaluate yourself and your fellow team members [link here]. This will only be seen by Chris and not shared with anyone else. 

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